Emoform Gum Care, Toothpaste, 75ml

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Emoform ® Gum Care toothpaste for oral and dental care with strengthening mineral salts.

  • Inhibits: sensitivity to pain (potassium nitrate has a desensitizing effect), bleeding tendency (slightly alkaline mineral salts), inflammation (slightly osmotic effect leads to the regression of edema), plaque formation
  • strengthens and regenerates: the gums
  • promotes: natural saliva production, caries prevention
  • acts: on the physiological remineralization, bactericide, neutralizes tooth-damaging acids

This toothpaste with mineral salts which heals the gums, desensitizes, fights bacterial plaque, gently cleanses and stimulates the formation of saliva.

Inhibitors: sensitivity to pain (potassium nitrate has a desensitizing effect), hemorrhage (slightly alkaline mineral salts), inflammation (a slightly osmotic effect that reduces edema), plaque formation
Strengthens and rejuvenates the gums
Promotes: normal saliva production, preventing tooth decay
Acts: on physiological remineralization, bactericidal, neutralizes acids harmful to teeth