Elgydium Ice Age Junior 7-12Y, Tooth Brush

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Pierre Fabre is one of the largest French pharmaceutical companies engaged in the research and production of medicines and cosmetics. Thanks to its own laboratories, a large number of excellent specialists and high quality products, Pierre Fabre has gained recognition in the market of oral care products.
Balanced toothpaste Elgidium Junior Mild Mint is designed for the daily care and protection of molars in children from 7 to 12 years.
Active ingredients:
* Fluorinol - organic fluorine with a patented formula at a concentration of 1350 ppm. It remineralizes enamel 5 times faster, strengthening and protecting teeth from bacterial plaque and caries.
* Siliglycol in the paste forms a protective film on the surface of the teeth, which retains fluorinol on the enamel, and also inhibits the development of bacteria and the formation of tartar.
Toothpaste gel flavored with mint and sweetened with notes of vanilla, will appeal to children at the age when their senses are awakened