Elgydium Creat.neon, T/b x soft

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unique toothbrushes that combine the effectiveness of brushing teeth with exceptional aesthetic characteristics. The ELGIDIUM toothbrush Creation Neon Medium has a smooth contoured handle that fits well in the hand and ensures safe combing. The ELGYDIUM Creation Neon Medium toothbrush does not slip out of your hands, which minimizes the risk of accidental gum damage. There is also a place on the handle to support the thumb, which increases the comfort and convenience of brushing your teeth. The thin round head reaches each tooth without rubbing the gums and cheeks. Smooth, properly shaped bristles thoroughly clean the teeth, reaching the farthest place behind the molars. The bristles of the ELGYDIUM Creation Neon Medium toothbrush have rounded tips, so they do not cause irritation of teeth and gums. The protective cover on the head ensures hygienic storage and carrying of the brush.