Duomed 1 Thigh O. Toe Beige L/s, Thigh Support x ag/thigh/no.b/l/s/beige

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The supple and elastic stocking offers value for money and is also very durable. The circular knit compression stocking is intended for the treatment of thrombosis with tendency for slight oedema, varicosis in pregnancy and inflammatory venous diseases with tendency for moderate oedema. Also recommended for the treatment after sclerotherapy and/or surgery.
Compression hosiery presses the distended veins together so that the venous valves can close again, thus preventing the blood from flowing in the wrong direction - namely, away from the heart.
Duomed combines ideal wearing properties and appropriate medical compression. Medical compression stockings are medical aids prescribed as required by the doctor and ordered through the our website after accurate measurement of the legs.There are circumstances, known as contraindications, in which compression stockings should not be worn, for example, in the event of arterial disease (high blood pressure, intermittent claudication). Only the doctor can decide on whether a medical compression stocking can and should be worn.