Ducray Anacaps, Caps

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Ducray Anacaps Reactiv Reactive Hair Loss .Capsules is a food supplement specially created to restore strength, resistance, volume to hair and nails.
Hair and nails are made up of keratin including cysteine. The vitality of the hair and the proper functioning of the hair cycle can be impacted by an event: childbirth, stress, emotional shock, change of season, fatigue, food imbalances.
This food supplement provides to hair bulb:
- Biotin (Vitamin B8) which participates in maintaining normal hair,
- Vitamin B6 that contributes to the success of the synthesis of Cysteine,
- Vitamins B3 and B6 and Iron help reduce tiredness phenomenon,
- Vitamin E with anti-oxidant action that allows to protect the cells from oxidative damages.
Nails and hair are strengthened, more resistant, and more volume.