Ducray Anacaps, Caps, 3

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Ducray Anacaps Reactiv Reactive Hair Loss 3 x 30 Capsules is a food supplement specially created to restore strength, resistance, volume to hair and nails. This batch of 3 x 30 capsules corresponds to the recommended cure of 3 months.
Hair and nails are made up of keratin including cysteine. The vitality of the hair and the proper functioning of the hair cycle can be impacted by an event: childbirth, stress, emotional shock, change of season, fatigue, food imbalances.
This food supplement provides to hair bulb:
- Biotin (Vitamin B8) which participates in maintaining normal hair,
- Vitamin B6 that contributes to the success of the synthesis of Cysteine,
- Vitamins B3 and B6 and Iron help reduce tiredness phenomenon,
- Vitamin E with anti-oxidant action that allows to protect the cells from oxidative damages.
Nails and hair are strengthened, more resistant, and more volume.