Dolorelax Self Heating (Hot Effect), Patches, 3

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Dolorelax med neck-shoulder-wrist is a self-heating wrap useful to five relief to tense, tired and cramped muscle giving a pleasant and well tolerated heat for about 8 hours. The wrap is made of a soft and pleasing to the touch material and has particular cells which contain natural elements such as iron, coal and salt which in contact with air oxygen generate heat. Its contoured shape adapts specifically to the different areas of application. Dolorelax med, medical devices for thermotherapyhealthy effects of heat: it improves blood flow through the blood vessel dilation. This increases the supply of oxygen and vital nutrients to the cells of muscle tissue. The heat reduces the tension, relieves pain, relax and improves mobility. Instruction for use, warnings, contraindications and side effects: please read the enclosed leaflet. Warningsfor external use only. Do not use in the presence of eczema on the skin; do not use on people who whould be unable to remove the bandage on their own (the elderly, the disable, children).Do not apply to the face or to injured skin (cuts and wounds of any kind, eczema or skin rashes).Do not apply to skin that has been treated with ointments, creams or gels. Do not use on skin which is not sensitive to heat. Do not use on skin where you have already applied the product within the last 24 hours. Do not use on skin where another heating device has been applied. Seek medical attention or consult a pharmacist before using if you have circulatory problems or difficulty perceiving temperature, or when pregnant