Desderman Disinfection Pure Alcohol Hand Rub, Liquid, 1lt

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Desderman Pure Gel is a rapid acting alcohol based hand gel for hygienic and surgical hand disinfection effective against bacteria (Tb, MRSA, VRE) fungi and viruses (Polio, Rota, Edeno, Vaccinia, Herpes, Simplex viruses, HAV, HBC, HIV, HCV) take effect quickly and dries quickly due to enthanol (96%) base. Tested according to EN 14476 and therefore can be claimed efficacy against coronavirus.
Kills Norovirus in 15 seconds
Contains balanced emollients meaning frequent use will not dry out your skin
Colour and perfume free to reduce allergic and skin irritation
Hygenic disinfection in 30 seconds
Surgical disinfection in 90 seconds