Desderman Disinfection Pure Alcohol Hand Rub, Gel, 100ml

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Desderman Pure Gel is a dye-free and fragrance-free alcoholic hand disinfectant gel for hygienic and surgical hand disinfection.
Features of hand disinfection
For hygienic and surgical hand disinfection.
Tested according to Euro standards EN 1500 and EN 12791.
Dye and fragrance free
Very good skin compatibility and a pleasant skin feeling thanks to proven moisturising system.
No dripping from your hands thanks to user-friendly gel formula.
Effectiveness: bactericidal, fungicidal, levurocide, limited virucide, limited virucide PLUS, virucide, aldenovirus, norovirus, poliovirus, rotavirus.
Composition: 100 g solution contains 78.2 g ethanol 96% (v/v), 0.1 g biphenyl-2-ol
VAH certificate.