Curaprox Single+Sulcula Cs1006, Holder

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Single-stick toothbrush CURAPROX CS 1006 single & sulcular, 6mm for individual dental cleaning techniques
- for daily oral hygiene
- for adults and children from 3 years old
- for careful care of the root zone of the teeth
- to remove plaque in hard-to-reach areas (crowding of teeth, "wisdom teeth")
- for oral care with implants, crowns, braces, etc. orthodontic structures
- with sensitive enamel and gums
- with bleeding gums
- for the most effective removal of plaque from each tooth
- patients with tooth enamel damage (erosion, hypoplasia, hyperplasia, wedge-shaped defect).
- for the "Solo" cleaning technique
, polyester fiber bristles are denser and softer than nylon. Absorb 60% less moisture and reduce the risk of bacterial growth on the surface of the toothbrush. Effectively clean the enamel surface, thoroughly destroy and remove plaque, especially in the gingival furrow area.