Curaprox 7600 Smart Ultra Soft(7+)Kids, Tooth Brush

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CURAPROX Sensitive toothbrushes with patented CUREN® bristles are a gentle revolution in caries and periodontal disease prevention!
The main advantage of Curaprox toothbrushes is Curen's patented bristles, which are unparalleled in their softness, thickness and elasticity for safe hygiene. CUREN® bristles are made from polyester, unlike conventional toothbrushes, which are made entirely from nylon. The water absorption of polyester is six times lower, so even when wet, CUREN® bristles retain their original elasticity and ductility. The stiff, thick bristles of conventional toothbrushes do not remove plaque from the sulcus without applying excessive pressure. As a result, either plaque remains in the gingival sulcus, or the gum is damaged. With Curaprox toothbrushes, only minimal pressure is required to remove plaque from the sulcus without damaging the gums.