Corega Neutral 3D Hold, Cream, 40g

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Corega fasteners hold your denture in place, preventing it from moving in any direction and sealing it. This prevents food debris from entering, so you can enjoy the food you like. With your dentures staying in place all day, you can enjoy life without a second thought.
Do you want to feel confident while wearing your dentures?
Corega Neutral Firming Cream offers 3D retention, limiting the movement of your dentures in all directions: back and forth, up and down, and sideways, so you don’t have to worry during the day. Its neutral taste does not affect the taste of food so you can enjoy the foods you like.
Strong restraint all day
It does not contain dyes
With a neutral taste
Prevents food debris from entering
Even if your dentures fit well, food debris can enter between the denture and the gums, which can cause you discomfort. Corega Neutral Firming Cream has been shown to prevent food debris from entering.
Have you tried Corega cleaning tablets?
They remove more bacteria than a toothpaste * in just 3 or 5 minutes, for a cleaner, fresher and more radiant denture.
* in laboratory tests, placing the denture in the cleaning solvent