Compeed Kotsia Medium, Cerotti, 5

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No more cutting the patch into pieces! The new COMPEED® set includes comfortable patches for wet calluses on the heels, toes and forefoot.
COMPEED® HYDROCOLLOID TECHNOLOGY. COMPEED® is based on special hydrocolloid particles with a thickness of only 600 microns.
The mechanism of action lies in the intensive absorption of wound discharge, and due to low air permeability, its drying is prevented. Creating an environment of optimal hydration and partially preserved gas exchange contribute to the rapid healing of a skin defect without scarring. It protects the wound, does not let in moisture, dirt and bacteria, while not preventing the natural evaporation of wound fluid.
The innovative* COMPEED® patch is designed specifically for the healing of wet calluses: acts as a “second skin”, maintaining the natural level of moisture; instantly relieves pain from wet calluses; protects the corn from friction, water and bacteria; ensures rapid healing of the skin.