Compeed Active Callus Medium, Cerotti, 6

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COMPEED® Callus Patches are neither classic nor common patches. Their advanced hydrocolloid technology is designed to immediately relieve pain and protect against abrasion, while moisturizing and softening the calluses, helping to remove them.

COMPEED® Callus Patches act as a second skin for:

To protect against friction and pressure.
Immediately relieve pain caused by calluses.
To moisturize and soften the calluses to help remove them.
They stay in place for over 24 hours. The duration may vary from case to case.

Instructions for use:

Apply to clean and dry skin, ensuring that the callus area is free of creams or oils.
Remove the top first and then the bottom, avoiding touching the adhesive side.
Place the patch firmly on the callus. Make sure the edges are firmly attached.
Leave it in place until it comes off on its own. It stays in place for many days. For best results use COMPEED® until the skin is completely healed.