Clinomyn Smokers, Toothpaste, 75ml

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Clinomyn Toothpaste for Smokers has clinically proven effects, helping to reduce discoloration caused by smoking. The natural color of teeth is not only influenced by smoking but also by various foods and liquids, such as tea or coffee. The ingredients of Clinomyn protect your teeth. Its rich calcium content contributes to the absorption of fluoride by tooth enamel, prevents tooth decay, and neutralizes harmful acids. Clinomyn Toothpaste for Smokers achieves visible improvement in discolored teeth within fourteen days, with 71 percent of smokers experiencing improvement in tests. Its Polinam® content also brightens the teeth. With these ingredients, it thoroughly and deeply cleans the teeth, while its strong menthol flavor provides long-lasting fresh breath between brushings. Smoking has severe effects on teeth and the entire oral cavity. The harmful compounds not only accelerate tooth decay but also reduce the efficiency of the oral cavity’s defense system, making it more susceptible to disease. Therefore, it is particularly important for smokers to maintain diligent hygiene and regular dental check-ups – not only for aesthetic reasons.