Ciccarelli Timodore Cracked Heel, Cream, 75ml

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the active ingredients contained in the cream have a high softening and moisturizing power:
- Urea is a substance used in dermatology to soften the stratum corneum and make it more receptive to the action of moisturizing active ingredients;
- Betaine, obtained from beetroot, is an amino acid with a high moisturizing and protective capacity because it is able to retain the water molecules in the skin;
- Allantoin Calcium Pantothenate is a complex of active ingredients that act by improving the repairing action and increasing the moisturizing and soothing action, thus giving the acute body greater resistance to external aggressions.
It improves skin smoothness by 72% in just 3 days and in 67% of cases it completely eliminates cracking in just 2 weeks.
Dermatologically tested.