Cera Di Cupra

Cera Di Cupra Moisturising Dry / Sensitive, Face Cream, 50ml

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The CERA DI CUPRA brand is a complete line of products for the body and face, known all over the world. Cosmetics contain only natural and high-quality substances that are so necessary for the skin to be young at any age. A brand that was the result of research in the field of cosmetics by Dr. Nicola Ciccarelli. A pharmacist from Kupra Marittima drew attention to the unique qualities of beeswax and began to add it to cosmetics.
CERA DI CUPRA FACIAL CREAM ELASTICITY WITH HYALURONIC ACID NOURISHING FOR NORMAL SKIN - The cream has a light texture, ideal for normal skin that needs daily hydration, protection and nutrition.
Appearance and properties: A homogeneous mass of pale pink color without foreign impurities, with a delicate aroma
An advanced solution to slow down the signs of aging, containing beeswax and other valuable ingredients such as hyaluronic acid and cotton extract