Pasta del Capitano

Capitano Natural Herbs, Toothpaste, 75ml

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Toothpaste with microgranules of natural herbal extracts guarantees comprehensive hygiene and protection thanks to the Asian shield-leaf, echinacea, thorny hawthorn and Icelandic lichen. Without parabens.
Asiatic pennywort is a plant of warm countries, known and used in traditional medicine as a healing agent. Contains flavonoids and saponins with a protective effect.
Echinacea originates from North America, is known and used as a stimulant of the immune system and a means to prevent colds.
Hawthorn grows everywhere, the flowers have an incredible and intense aroma. It is saturated with sterols, flavonoids and vitamin C.
Cetraria Icelandic is characterized by the presence of usnic acid, known for its bacteriostatic properties. Contains mucus with a high degree of protection and soothing effect.