Biorepair Strawberry Junior, Toothpaste, 50ml x 0-6years

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Biorepair Junior is the only microRepair based toothpaste for children that protects from plaque and bacteria attack. Biorepair Junior toothpaste protects against cavities and makes teeth strong and healthy. The amount of active ingredient contained in Biorepair Junior is the same as that present in adult toothpastes. Its fruity strawberry flavour tones and nourishes the gums. Product Description: BioRepair is a total protection toothpaste for daily use Your teeth may look and feel healthy, but a closer look would reveal hundreds of microscopic cracks and flaws - daily wear caused by acid in plaque, food and drink. Normal brushing cannot reach these flaws, and over time can develop into more serious damage like cavities and tooth decay. The revolutionary Microrepair(TM) microcrystals of BioRepair(R) can get into these flaws, where they bind to the surface of the enamel and dentine, to remineralise and repair your teeth surface, therefore preventing decay before it can start. In addition to repairing enamel, BioRepair(R), like regular toothpaste, effectively cleans teeth, fights plaque, protects gums, and freshens breath, making it suitable for the whole family to use every day.