Bepanthol Derma Very Dry Sensitive, Body Lotion, 200ml x daily

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The Bepanthol Derma Moisturising Body Lotion is light, does not stick and absorbs quickly. Your skin will be moisturised immediately and long-lasting (up to 48 hours). After creaming, it immediately feels soft and supple. The body lotion is perfect for sensitive and extremely dry skin. It soothes you immediately and relieves tension. The B5 regeneration complex supports the regeneration of the skin from the inside to the outside. Dexpanthenol in deeper skin layers of the epidermis promotes natural cell regeneration. The glycerine contained provides instant and long-lasting moisture. Niacinamide (vitamin B3) soothes itchy, dry skin and natural lipids such as shea butter and argan oil complement missing skin lipids. The physiological lipid also supports the arrangement of the double lipid layer. Bepanthol Derma Moisturising Body Lotion is clinically tested. The lotion is free from fragrances and preservatives and also suitable for the care of diabetes. 90% of ingredients are natural origin. Pay attention to the health of your skin - with healthy habits and good skin care products. Sleep and recover sufficiently, protect your skin from the sun, eat healthy and use Bepanthol Derma products. Spread the body lotion generously on the entire body as needed. For best results, combine them with our mild body wash. The moisturising body lotion is a dermatologically tested medical skin care from Bepanthen – scientifically proven and recommended by professionals. The package including 1 x tube with 200 ml . Please note that the shape of the packaging may Vary .