Bacteflora Probiotic + Prebiotic, Capsules, 10

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OLONEA bacteflora DAILY probiotics and prebiotics for daily balancing of the intestinal microbiome
Symbiotic food supplement with 4 probiotic strains, 10 billion probiotics per capsule and prebiotic inulin.
It simultaneously offers the body both probiotics and prebiotics to balance the intestinal microbiome.
The symbiotic bacteflora® DAILY is ideal *:
• for the daily supplementation of the intestinal microbiome and the treatment of mild disorders of the intestinal flora
• when taking an antibiotic
• to relieve constipation
Suitable for daily long-term use
Combinations of probiotic species and strains, with targeted action on individual parts of the digestive tract, appropriate proportions, compatibility and synergistic action
Probiotic strains naturally resistant to stomach acids, bile salts and pancreatic enzymes, with a high population of viable probiotic bacteria until the expiration date
It is available in microcapsule form for easy swallowing (the capsule can be opened and its contents mixed with water, milk or fruit juice, not hot)
Store at room temperature.
Free of: preservatives, lactose, lactoprotein, gluten, soy, yeast, gelatin, genetically modified organisms, harmful additives
• Suitable for diabetics
• Suitable for vegetarian and vegan diets