Bacteflora Plus Probiotic & Prebiotic, Capsules, 30

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Enhanced composition with probiotics and probiotics
30 billion friendly bacteria
Contains inulin as a prebiotic
Vegan, gluten free, lactose, GMO
Suitable for diabetics
Bacteflora Plus is an enhanced symbiotic dietary supplement with 10 species of probiotics, yielding 30 billion probiotic bacteria per capsule and extra inulin, a prebiotic fiber that reaches the gut indigestible and is used as food by friendly bacteria. Bacteflora Plus contributes to the daily replenishment, protection and balance of the intestinal microbiome!*
Poor diet, modern lifestyle, use of antibiotics, diarrhea, smoking, alcohol, contraceptives, chlorine in the water, environmental pollution, mental and physical stress, aging and other factors contribute to disturbance of the balance of the intestinal flora. However, we can protect and restore the intestinal flora, mainly through the intake of probiotics and prebiotics.*
Bacteflora Plus contains 10 probiotic cultures that are beneficial for the entire gastrointestinal tract.* Its probiotics are resistant to stomach acids and survive without losses, thanks to the microencapsulation method.