Babyderm Children's Fluoride Bubble-Gum, Toothpaste, 50ml

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Toothpaste for children
1000 ppm F- [500 ppm F - as sodium fluoride and 500 ppm F - as organic fluorine]
Βubble gum flavor
With xylitol
No sugar, SLS
Intermed Babyderm Toothpaste Bubble gum is a fluoride baby toothpaste specially designed for the daily care of children's teeth, with a bubble gum flavor.
The composition of the formula contains fluoride from organic molecules for better absorption and more effective protection against caries. Toothpaste inhibits plaque formation while strengthening teeth and gums.
It does not contain sugar, but xylitol for daily protection of teeth from acids. It does not contain alcohol and SLS.