Avene Cleanance Mat, Emulsion, 40ml

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AVENE Klinans Mattifying Emulsion is a unique product for the care of oily and combination skin. Its main purpose is to combat excessive fat content of the skin and matting its surface. The emulsion is quickly absorbed, leaves no traces and does not cause a feeling of stickiness or greasiness.
The product contains a unique complex of active ingredients, including Avene thermal water, which allows you to effectively combat all the main problems of oily skin. By regulating the production of sebaceous glands, it reduces the amount of sebum released, eliminates shine and mattifies the skin for a long time.
In addition, AVENE Klinans Mattifying Emulsion moisturizes and soothes the skin, preventing its irritation and damage. It is suitable for daily use and will help keep your skin clean, fresh and well-groomed.