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Avanti Powder Free Latex Examination, Gloves, 100 x s/s

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* Disposable dust free gloves are professional quality gloves. These are high quality non-sterile transparent latex gloves that offer you optimal protection. They are soft and easily stretchy. Dust free, they are also perfect for those who are allergic to talcated gloves.
* Ideal for medical examinations, industry, production, cosmetics, use with chemicals and much more. They are perfect as home cleaning gloves, when coloring your hair or doing craft work. Disposable gloves available in small, medium and large sizes for men and women. Small sizes can also be used by children.
* Gloves fit every hand. Disposable latex gloves intelligently designed so all gloves fit right or left hand. This allows you to quickly wear the latex gloves to be more effective. Slim fit for improved finger sensitivity. Ideal for all production and laboratory needs.
* The 100pcs medium size disposable latex gloves set are perfect for everyday use. Widely used by companies and medical studies for their staff activities. Ideal as kitchen latex gloves, they are highly resistant to damage.
* For maximum personal security. Our disposable gloves help protect from contamination against pathogens and diseases. Use them when shopping, driving, or handling objects affected by others. Dust free latex gloves help you keep your hands clean and free from pathogens throughout the day. These challenging times are recommended by health experts