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Avanti Powder Free Latex Examination, Gloves, 100 x m/s

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100pcs Non-sterile, latex and dust free disposable soft latex gloves. They offer the ideal elasticity to be easy to wear and comfortable to wear. They offer better sensitivity at fingertips for faster and more accurate results. These gloves are widely used in medical visits, industry, in all types of production, from chemistry to electronic assembly. Ideal for home use. Perfect for cleaning, hair coloring, exfoliation and other housework. Essential to preserve hands free from dangerous pathogens and diseases. Wear it for shopping, traveling, when you are in a group or when you take items used by other people. Always keep in the car to be used whenever you need it. They offer the greatest security you and your family need during these difficult times. The gloves fit both hands and are available in several sizes to fit men, women and children.