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Atlife Immune Vit.c+zinc+vit.d3, Vitamins x 30tabs

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AT Life Immune is a dietary supplement with vitamins C & D3 and zinc in the form of tablets. The above combination supports the immune system and provides antioxidant protection.
The vitamin C contained is timed release, as a result of which it supplies the body steadily during the day and provides optimal absorption & utilization.
Vitamins C & D and zinc contribute to the normal functioning of the immune system, while vitamin C and zinc help protect cells from oxidative stress *
Vitamin C also contributes to the reduction of tiredness & fatigue, the normal functioning of the nervous system, normal psychological function and to the normal functioning of metabolic processes aimed at energy production *
In addition, vitamin D helps maintain the normal condition of bones & teeth and maintains normal muscle function, while zinc also contributes to normal cognitive function, normal fertility & reproduction and helps maintain the normal condition of bones, hair, nails & skin *
It is an ideal choice for those who want to stimulate their immune system and reduce the feeling of fatigue caused by intense daily life!

Vitamin C is a vital nutrient for health. Vitamin C benefits include helping form and maintain bones, cartilage, skin, and blood vessels. As an antioxidant, it also supports the immune system. Fruits and vegetables are the best sources, but some people may need supplements.

What does zinc do?
Immune system: The body needs zinc to fight off infection. People who don't have enough zinc in their body may be at greater risk of infections. ...
Wound healing: Zinc supports skin health. ...
Taste and smell: Zinc is very important for one of the enzymes you need so that you are able to taste and smell.

Vitamin D helps regulate the amount of calcium and phosphate in the body. These nutrients are needed to keep bones, teeth and muscles healthy. A lack of vitamin D can lead to bone deformities such as rickets in children, and bone pain caused by a condition called osteomalacia in adults.

Hydroxypropyl methylcellulose, cellulose, polyvinylpyrrolidone, polyethylene glycol.


Adults and children over the age of 13: 1 tablet daily.

Preferably to be taken after breakfast, with a glass of water.