Aquaderm Dry Skin, Balsam, 200ml

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It contains, among other ingredients, Urea that moisturizes dry skin and avocado oil that mobilizes and increases the soluble collagen of the connective tissue. Keeps skin moist and soft. The first symptoms of skin aging such as scales, freckles (pigmentation) an unpleasant yellowish horny skin (keratosis) are eliminated. Rough fish skin grows better. In cases of artificial dermatitis (inflammation of the skin), avocado oil exerts a stimulating effect on the proteolytic action of the connective tissue. It restores the skin's hydro-oily membrane and supports the natural moisturizing factor. The balm is suitable for daily use, especially after bathing, for use all over the body. It dries quickly and leaves a non-sticky film.
Directions for use: Apply to the affected area twice a day. Suitable for dry skin, aging skin, photoinduced skin, atopic skin, baby eczema, itchy skin, ichthyosis, cracked soles and hyperkeratotic skin conditions