Apivita Nature's Color Elixir N5.03, Haircolour, 50ml

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The ELIXIR OF COLOR hair dye line is specially designed to obtain professional results when coloring your hair. The formula includes an innovative system that fixes the hair color making it stable for a long time.
Ensure the maximum intensity and duration of coloring your hair in 2 steps:
Step 1: Get the perfect long-lasting color in just 30 minutes thanks to a 3-component dye (argan, avocado and olive), which combines color stabilization and restoration of hair structure during the hair coloring process.
Step 2: Increase the intensity and shine by applying a cream after care with hyaluronic acid and honey extract, which moisturizes the hair, creating a protective film that seals the hair color and emphasizes the glow of colored hair. Repeat after 15 days.
Free Of Pdd/Ammonia/Resorcinol/ Alcohol/ Parabens/ Propylene Glycol/ Sls / Mineral Oil/Silicone