Apivita Facial Tonic Lotion 2in1 Lavender&honey, Tonic Lotion x 200ml

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Apivita Soothing moisturizing toner face (Apivita Facial Tonic soothing moisturizing) for all skin types.
To neutralize the effect of hard water after washing and prepare the skin for further care, use a soothing facial tonic Apivita. The product moisturizes and soothes the epidermis, improves the penetration of the active components of basic care products into the skin. The tonic consists of 97% natural ingredients and has a fresh floral aroma with herbal notes. Apivita Soothing moisturizing toner face has been tested under the supervision of dermatologists.
Active ingredients:
Greek thyme honey, lavender and panthenol soothe the epidermis;
hyaluronic acid protects the skin from moisture loss after cleansing, restores comfort;
organic essential oils of orange and geranium tone the skin;
rosehip infusion protects the skin from external aggressions and impurities;
green tea infusion has a pronounced antioxidant effect.