Apivita Intimate Gel Tea Tree & Propoli Cleansing Gel 200ml

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Gentle gel for the daily hygiene of the sensitive area but also for prevention, intended for healthy women of childbearing age. Gently cleanses without drying, protects and soothes. * Organic chamomile in combination with water from organic chamomile infusion, alantoin, panthenol and organic aloe soothe irritations. * Propolis prevents the growth of pathogenic microorganisms. * Lactic acid, natural oligosaccharide and natural lipoamino acid help protect the normal flora of the sensitive area and respect its pH. * Organic Lavender essential oil offers a feeling of freshness and aroma. GYNECOLOGICALLY TESTED.


Apivita Cleansing Gel for the sensitive area of ??chamomile & propolis , pre-order online and pick up Apivita products at the Hellenic Duty Free store at Thessaloniki Airport.

At all Hellenic Duty Free Shops at airports, you can find a wide variety of Gel cleaning products for the sensitive area Chamomile & Propolis, as well as beauty products, food and spirits.

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