The powerful mix of GUAM Seaweed, sea salts and natural essential oils removes impurities and thicken body skin promoting cell renewal. Thanks to the “aromatherapy” action of the essential oils of Lemon, Mint, and Rosemary providing an energizing and revitalizing effect, this seaweed scrub leaves your skin smooth, gently renews your skin, exfoliates dead skin off, and prepares it for the Seaweed Body Wrap treatment.


• Visibly firms hips, bottom, and arms

• Corrects dimpled imperfections caused by cellulite

• Strengthens and tightens the body skin

• Enhances the breakdown of fatty tissue

• Slims, contours, and tones in just a few applications


  • GUAM Seaweed extract
  • Sea salts
  • Blend of plant oils of Sunflower
  • Jojoba, Rice
  • Oenothera oil
  • blend of essential oils of Memon, mint, and Rosemary

How to use:

Apply to damp skin under the shower, massage and rinse.