Aderma Solaire Pediatrics, Cream, 100ml x spf50+

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The A-Derma Protect AD SPF50+ cream is a very high level of sun protection with a formula specially designed for people with atopic skin.
This solar care can be used as well on the face as on the body. Ideal for the fragile skins reacting easily to the external aggressions. This very high protection sun cream is suitable for the whole family, including infants from 6 months.
The solar cream A-Derma Protect AD SPF50+ makes it possible to protect you effectively against the rays UVA and UVB, while restoring the cutaneous barrier thanks to its specific emollient complex. Barriestolide, an active ingredient derived from Rhealba Oat Plant Oil, strengthens fragile skin and reduces its level of vulnerability to the aggression of UV rays. Without odor, the solar cream A-Derma Protect AD SPF50+ Cream also contains a patented filtering system.