Aderma Protect Kids Spf50+, Spray, Sun Lotion x 200ml

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A-Derma Protect Children's Spray SPF 50+ (A-Derma Protect Spray children's sunscreen SPF50+) for fragile skin.
Fragile children's skin needs special care during and after insolation. And solar filters are not enough to provide reliable protection from UV radiation. A-Derma SPF 50+ sunscreen Spray with an innovative patented formula was created especially for delicate children's skin.
The Barriestolide® sunscreen complex based on Realba oat oil works from the inside – it strengthens the cellular barrier that resists UV rays. Together with a complex of 4 solar filters, it provides reliable protection of fragile skin from ultraviolet radiation. A-Derma Protection Spray SPF 50+ has a light texture and water resistance.