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Aderma Exomega Control, Bain, 250ml

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The soothing bath Aderma Exomega Control is suitable for babies, children and adults; it prepares for a good sleep. Containing innovative active ingredients, the soothing bath from the Exomega Control series from the A-DERMA brand relieves irritation and dryness of the skin.


This bath treatment is especially indicated for dry skin and atopic tendencies. Diluted in your bath, it will instantly soothe feelings of tightness, itching and allow you to enjoy a pleasant bath. Contains innovative active ingredients that have a powerful effect on skin irritation and dryness: the extract of Rhéalba Oat Plantlets, due to its highly concentrated active fractions, in a specific and targeted way regulates the release of substances involved in skin irritation reactions.


As a result, the skin calms down. Aderma Exomega Control Bain Apais allows the skin to restore elasticity, softness and comfort. It prepares baby for a good sleep when used in the evening.


Ingredients list:

  • water / aqua

  • glycerin

  • olive oil

  • glyceret-8 esters

  • 10-hydroxydekenoic acid

  • avena sativa (oats) 

  • leaf / extract (avena sativa leaf / stem extract)

  • bht

  • caprylyl glycol

  • aroma / perfume

  • oenothera biennis (evening primrose)

  • oil (oenothera biennis oil)

  • polyacrylate-13

  • polyisobutene

  • polysorbate 20

  • sodium hydroxide

  • sorbic acid

  • sorbitol isostearate

  • tocopherol

  • xanthan gum


How to use:

Dissolve 2 measuring caps for a baby bath (4 for an adult) in a bathtub with water.

Do not rinse. Dry without rubbing in and apply Exomega Control Skin Care.


The bath advantages:


  1. Helps get rid of itching

  2. Eliminates roughness

  3. Moisturises

  4. Helps relieve stress

  5. Pleasant odor