Aderma Eryase, Cream, 75ml

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Skin damaged by surface dermatological treatment or epidermis disorder. Especially in case of possibility of formation permanent marks. For face and body. Suitable even for children. The product contains extract from young Rhealba oat shoots which has soothing and anti-irritations properties. A-Derma Epitheliale A.H DUO thanks to patented CICAHYALUMIDE ingredient has double action: - accelerates skin regeneration - prevents from forming permanent marks on the skin Invisible and non-stick consistency with nourishing ingredients is easy to apply and leaves skin soft and nourished. The cream provides immediately relief for skin. Does not contain parabens or fragrances. Non comedogenic. Dermatologically tested. Does not causes allergy. Use: Apply once or twice daily topically or on large areas of skin.