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Aderma Douceur Cocon, Face And Body, Cream, 100ml

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Natural* care cream with a pleasant fragrance, which offers gentle 24-hour hydration, while soothing and protecting baby's skin.

Discreet fragrance of natural care that leaves a soft feeling
98% natural ingredients. Organically grown Rhealba® oats.

The surface of the skin of infants is thinner than that of adults and less rich in moisturizing factors. Specially designed cream for the daily care of sensitive and fragile baby skin that provides hydration, nourishment and protection. Hypoallergenic, alcohol and dye free, safe sensory stimulating formula with 98% natural ingredients. With liquid crystal emulsifier that provides hydration and a feeling of comfort that lasts. Rhealba® Young Bromeliad extract soothes the skin, while its natural lipid complex protects the skin's balance. Non-sticky moisturizing baby cream that is applied to the face and body and absorbs quickly, leaving a soft, refreshing scent. Care cream suitable for gentle massage on babies. An ideal addition to the precious care ritual, for both parents and their babies.
Vegan information: does not contain ingredients of animal origin.

PRIMALBA GENTLE BABY CARE CREAM leaves a silky feel with a pleasant fragrance. According to 100% of parents, this 98% natural cream gives baby's skin lasting nourishment, intensive hydration and protection from external attacks.***

• MOISTURIZES: intensive hydration and nourishment of fragile, sensitive skin for up to 24 hours**.
• SOOTHES: the dermatological properties of Rhealba® Young Oat Germ Extract soothe the skin throughout the day.
• PROTECTS: safe and natural formulation to protect the barrier function of the baby's skin from external attacks.

Soft fragrance with cool notes, ideal for gentle massage on babies
Discreetly scented

* Contains 98% natural ingredients
*** Satisfaction rate - clinical study on 32 people
** 24-hour hydration - Measurement of hydration index for 24 hours