17 Matlishious Super Stay Lip Color, Lip Color x no.2

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Matte finish, moisturizing effect. Gives elasticity and moisturizes the skin of the lips. Weightless feeling on the lips. Saturated color. Convenient applicator for precise application. Creamy opaque texture. Matte satin finish. The new generation elastomers in the composition create a thin protective film on the lips, retaining moisture and preventing dryness of the skin of the lips. ALARIA ESCULENTA lipstick formula contains a unique ingredient derived from edible seaweed that grows on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean, which has moisturizing and antioxidant properties. You can find this product by the keys: lipstick; matte lipstick; makeup cosmetics; lipstick; Matt lipstick; lipstick; tint; lipstick; matte lipstick; lips; makeup; Red lipstick; matte lipstick; pamada; for lips; matte lipsticks; base; matte lipstick; red lipstick; lip mask; nude lipstick; matte lipstick; lipstick resistant; lipstick matte resistant; persistent lipstick; matte lipsticks; liquid lipstick; lipsticks for lips; resistant matte lipstick; little by little; lipsticks; matte lipstick resistant; lip cosmetics; lipstick resistant for lips; liquid matte lipstick; nude lipstick; long-lasting lipstick; brown lipstick