17 Anticerne, Concealer x no.18(192)mint

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Seventeen masking pencil Anticernes. A concealer stick in a lipstick-like case for perfect concealment of skin imperfections. Hides local defects of the skin surface (dilated vessels, spots, scratches, areas of uneven pigmentation, pimples, acne). It can be used as a concealer to mask dark circles under the eyes and lighten the area of skin around the eyes. Suitable for all skin types and conditions, including dry, age-related, dehydrated, problematic. The corrector contains vegetable waxes and castor oil, which help to preserve moisture for sensitive skin around the eyes and make-up durability throughout the day. Does not clog into facial wrinkles. There is a special light green shade in the palette (No. 18), which is suitable for masking various areas of redness. After you have worked out all areas of the face with a corrector, carefully blend all the borders of the product and lightly powder. To create the perfect spectacular image, we recommend using it together with a foundation, concealer for tone leveling, a sculptor for contouring the shape of the face, a primer, highlighter and other means to achieve the alignment of the tone of the face that you need! Advantages of the package: no need to sharpen, will not spread in a cosmetic bag, it is always convenient to take with you. Suitable for contact lens users.