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Why Should You Make the Switch to Organic Sunscreens This Summer?

Summer is just around the corner. We can't help but think about protecting our skin from the harmful effects of the sun. Although it goes without saying that you must have sunscreen by your side, have you ever considered the benefits of using organic sunscreens? If not, then now is the perfect time to do so. That's because these organic and prominent brand sun cream available in Cyprus at Epharmacy act as a shield against potential skin damage and reduce the risk of sunburn and skin cancer. So, in this blog post, we will be discussing why switching to organic sunscreens this summer is a wise decision for both your health and the environment.

Top Reasons To Use Organic Sunscreens:

Much Safer For Your Skin

Organic sunscreens are much safer for your skin when it comes to ingredients. Traditional sunscreens often contain ingredients which have been linked to hormone disruption. Not just that, but they also cause skin irritation and even coral reef damage. On the other hand, organic sunscreens from prominent brands like Coola are made with natural ingredients that provide broad-spectrum protection without harmful products.

Effective Sun Protection

Some people have the perception that organic sunscreens might not be as effective as their chemical counterparts. However, that's the wrong perception people have created in their minds. Organic sunscreens provide even better protection against harmful UVA and UVB rays. The key ingredients like aloe leaf juice, seed oils, glycerin, titanium dioxide, and more work by physically blocking the sun's rays from penetrating the skin. This provides a physical barrier that reflects the sun's rays away, keeping your skin safe from sunburns and long-term damage.


In present times, it has become a necessity to use products that do not harm our environment. Our environment is already suffering a lot, and we need to make little effort to protect it. Choosing organic sunscreens has several environmental benefits. As we mentioned earlier, conventional sunscreens have certain ingredients linked to coral reef damage. When you switch to organic sunscreens from pharmacy in limassol, you can help protect our fragile environment and marine ecosystems.

Suitable For Sensitive Skin

If you have sensitive skin, then you know how challenging it is to find a sunscreen that doesn't cause any rash, breakouts, or redness. Organic sunscreens are formulated using gentle and soothing ingredients that are less likely to irritate sensitive skin. Moreover, unlike conventional sunscreens, organic options are better for daily use. They provide effective protection, and that too without compromising your skin's health, making them the best choice for individuals with sensitive skin.

Wide Range of Options

As organic sunscreens have gained immense popularity, they are now readily available, providing various options to cater to different requirements. Whether you favor creams, sprays, lotions, or sticks, there is an organic sunscreen available that will surely meet your needs. In addition to that, numerous brands offer tinted versions, enabling you to effortlessly integrate sun protection into your daily routine. With so many options available, it has never been easier to find the ideal organic sunscreen for your skin.

Key Takeaway!

Don't compromise your skin's health this summer, especially when you now know the numerous benefits and advancements of organic sunscreens. By making the switch to organic sunscreens, you are not only protecting your skin but also the environment. To simplify it, visit Epharmacy and find a wide range of Coola organic sunscreens. These sunscreens promise to keep you safe and help you contribute to a more sustainable future.



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