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Sambucol For Kids: An Immunity Booster For Your Little One!

Sambucol belongs to the genus of plants commonly known as elderberry. It was once a household staple in many homes across the U.S. However, its uses are now more limited to supplementation, which is quite effective for treating mild to moderate physical ailments. In fact, elderberry or sambucol for kids is a popular home remedy, especially known for boosting the immunity system.

Elderberry remedies may be back in the spotlight right now, but they have been around for hundreds of years. Traditionally, people used it to treat coughs, common colds, and infections. Turns out their properties are as powerful today as they were back in the day. However, when it comes to kids, we tend to be extra cautious about what we give them. 

Therefore, some questions may brew in your mind. For example, does sambucol benefit kids? Does it really work for them? Is it safe for kids? What are the ways to incorporate sambucol into a kid's diet? Don't worry because we shall be answering all these questions here. Let's explore the benefits of sambucol for your little one!

Benefits Of Sambucol For Kids

With centuries of medicinal use, elderberries offer many health benefits. A Greek physician, also known as the 'father of medicine,' Hippocrates used sambucol to treat several conditions. One of the main reasons that make elderberry or sambucol so powerful is its antioxidant profile. Antioxidants protect and strengthen the body, and sambucol comes loaded with them. 

Here are a few common benefits of Sambucol:

  • Improves the symptoms of cold and flu

  • Reduces symptoms of sinus congestion

  • Helps to combat chronic fatigue

  • Relieves constipation and improves urination as a natural diuretic

  • Aid in alleviating allergies by reducing inflammation

  • Decreases arthritis pain

  • Being rich in antioxidants, vitamin A, and bioflavonoids, it encourages healthy skin.

While elderberries are healthy for adults who want a natural remedy for pain relief, good digestive systems, and an immune boost, it is incredibly beneficial for kids as well. Just like adults, kids can get uncomfortable when the flu or cold hits. But only a few medications or remedies have been effectively formulated for kids. Most can even lead to worrisome side effects. However, sambucol is an excellent option for children of all ages, even toddlers.

When we talk about kids, the best benefit of sambucol is those related to the immune system. It helps to treat colds, coughs, fever, stuffy noses, stomach aches, sore throats, and influenza. Some all-natural elderberry strengthens the kid's immune system to quickly resolve symptoms. 

Is It Safe for Kids to Consume?

Here comes the million-dollar question which every caring parent wants to know about elderberries. We already know the benefits of elderberry for kids, but there are a few things that you need to bear in mind before giving it to kids. Remember that elderberries in their raw state can be toxic for kids. You need to cook it properly before letting your kid consume it. Uncooked raw versions can cause stomach discomfort. 

Moreover, the leaves and stems should not be served to kids. The best way to give sambucol to kids is in the form of a supplement. Sambucol supplements are usually safer for kids and can come with additional benefits of other nutrients. However, when in doubt, it is better to first consult your kid's healthcare professional before deciding to give elderberry supplements to your kid. Now you must be thinking about which sambucol supplement would be best for your child, right? Proceed ahead to get your answers. 

Best Elderberry Supplement to Boost Immunity

Now you know the amazing benefits of elderberries for kids as well as adults. But the question is how you can add them to your kid's wellness routine. Though elderberry comes in various forms, Sambucol Kids Liquid syrup is the best option. The process of preparing the product includes the removal of toxins present in the raw elderberry. Thus, it is absolutely safe for kids to consume, and you can easily add elderberries into your kid's diet without any potential risk. 

The syrup contains natural black elderberries along with Vitamin C, which helps to support the immune system. Moreover, it is easy to swallow for kids and comes with powerful antioxidants. This delicious child-friendly formulation is non-drowsy and contains no artificial colors, sweeteners, gluten, or milk derivatives. 

It is suitable for 1 to 12 years of children but you should ensure to give the right amount of dosage as per age. For children 1 to 6 years of age, the recommended daily dose is 5ml (i.e., one teaspoon). Similarly, for children 7 to 12 years of age, the recommended daily dose is 10ml (i.e., two teaspoons).

In addition, the syrup tastes delicious, and you can even add it to your kid's favorite recipes or take it as it is. Though this child-friendly formulation is safe for use, it is better to seek medical advice from professionals if your kid is already under medical supervision. You can easily get the Sambucol liquid syrup from online pharmacy Cyprus at a great price. 


Hopefully, the blog provided you with ample knowledge about elderberries, especially for children. If you wish to reap the benefits of these natural black elderberries to keep your kid's immune system on the top of its game to fight various diseases, then get the Kids Liquid from ePharmaCY. The online website is an authentic store to shop for non-prescription supplements and other products related to health and wellness. Visit the website now!


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