ZUCCARI - Comfort Care Intim Gel Info 80ml

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Intimgel for your comfort.

Soothes and balances.

For problems involving intimate comfort derived from vaginal dryness. This product was developed, according to popular needs of all women all ages suffering from this irritation.

Problems associated with vaginal dryness and recurring itch can affect every third woman.

This kind of irritation can result from variations in hormone levels that may occur:

during menopause;

• during pregnancy;

• the postpartum period;

• during the menstrual cycle;

• when taking oral contraceptives. His triple effect is caused by a combination of natural ingredients that have the following effects:

• lubricant for intimate moments;

• the soothing effect to eliminate redness and irritation of the external mucous membranes;

• balancing effect to restore hormonal balance. Active Ingredients:

• Soothing ingredients: aloe vera, chamomile, calendula, clary sage;

• Antiseptic and antifungal agents: tea tree oil;

• Regulatory phytoestrogens substances:

deer grass (Cimicifuga), soy, red clover. Please note! All references to the therapeutic properties of the active substances in the product, were collected and documented reputable sources and relate to the ingredients, but not to the product itself.

Net weight: 80 ml

Manufacturer: Zuccari, Italy