Soulima - Chinese Rubber Bulb Set N4

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? LARGE SET - included in the set 4 bubbles in various sizes with an inner diameter of 6.5cm, 5cm, 4cm, 2.5cm. Cupping is a healing method known for thousands of years, they increase not only the body's resistance. They are widely used in medicine and cosmetology.

? BUBBLE MASSAGE SUPPORTS - reduction of wrinkles; reducing belly fat; body shaping; reduces cellulite; tones and firms the skin; improves and stimulates blood circulation by stimulating the lymphatic system; cleans skin pores and removes toxins from skin tissues; helps to remove puffiness from the face; it relaxes muscle tension and supports the absorption of cosmetics.

? MANY APPLICATIONS - each bubble has its own purpose. The biggest bubble serves for massaging large parts of the body such as the abdomen, buttocks and thighs . Large for smaller body parts like calves or biceps . Medium and small will work great for massaging the neckline , and even the face or neck.

? EASY TO USE - anyone can handle cupping massage, it's really easy. It is enough to properly lubricate the skin with e.g. olive and appropriately squeeze the bubble, put it on the skin and release - then the bubble will "stick" to the skin, and you can do the massage.

? SPECIFICATION - intended use: body and face massage; internal diameter: 6.5cm, 5cm, 4cm, 2.5cm; weight: 0.365kg; weight in the package: 0.370 kg