Satya Golden Nag Champa Incense 15g

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  • A gift of nature, this golden Nag Champa incense is 100% natural with no artificial fragrance.  Comes packed in handcrafted and sustainable lokta paper decorated with a dried Himalayan flower.
  • Nag Champa has a sweet and woodsy scent often described as calming, making it a great partner in meditation.
  • As you burn the incense, a meaningful message is released into the atmosphere, "May Peace & Love Prevail in the World."

Nag Champa is known as a sacred scent that purifies your environment and the energy within it.  You may burn this incense to cleanse negative energy and transform it into positivity.  Great for meditation or during yoga.

Package measures approximately 9 inches long and 2 inches wide.  Includes about 15 sticks.