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Ayurvedic SANDAL Indian Incense Sticks

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GoodSign, India Packing: 6-8g Sandalwood - Sandal have the classic scent of sandalwood. The astringent, mysterious, exquisite scent of sandalwood relieves insomnia, stimulates creativity, relieves anxiety and stress, perfectly relaxes and calms, clarifies thoughts, eliminates excessive impulsivity. Sandalwood has a particularly beneficial effect on well-being. It has an antiseptic, sedative, anti-inflammatory effect, lowers blood pressure, increases libido. Incense Sticks Good Sign Company Good Sign Company incense is of the "Premium Masala" type - a kind of aroma sticks, in which a thin bamboo torch serves as a base, and crushed aromatic herbs, roots and flowers, soaked in natural essential oils and sprinkled with pollen and sandalwood shavings, are used as an aromatic composition. The aroma of such incense is not harsh, but rich, the main note is a pleasant sweetness. They will appeal to everyone who loves oriental surroundings, but prefers light aromas. Made from the most expensive materials that have been widely used in Ayurvedic practice for thousands of years. No chemically synthesized fragrance can come close to these magical, incomparable fragrances.


Pollen, Spices, Herbs, Chopped Nuts, Flower Petals.


6-8g, these are 7 incense sticks 20cm long.

Mode of application:

Light the end of the incense stick with matches or a lighter, then blow out flame and place the stick on a special stand. Burning time of one stick is 40-60 minutes.