Polar Bear

Polar Bear Brand Essential Oil Embrocation 27ml

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Refreshing essential oil


 Silica water - Polar Bear  - essential embrocation has been known on the Czech market for more than twenty years.

Its composition of first-class fragrant materials such as Polar Bear menthol crystals, peppermint essential oil and natural camphor together with others is suitable exclusively for external use:

  • after mosquito bites,
  • insect stings,
  • itch,
  • lumbago
  • rheumatic joint problems,
  • minor burns.

The product has a calming effect, in the hot summer it provides immediate refreshment. Due to its ease of use and convenient carrying, it is a reliable product both at home and when traveling.

 Dosage and method of use

 Apply as needed to the affected areas.

 Symptoms and problems

Rheumatism, insect bites itch

Customer Reviews

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Tha Chief

I really like this product. It works and gets into the area better than tiger balm and lasts longer. Great value love it