Lansinoh 2 Contact Nipple Shields ( 2x20mm )

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Product Description

Lansinoh Contact Nipple Shields can be used to address issues related to premature, small, or ill infant, flat or inverted nipples, tongue tie, lip tie, or overactive let-down.

Lansinoh Contact Nipple Shields allow mums to continue breastfeeding while these short term latch-on issues are addressed & resolved.

Designed for maximum skin to skin contact which are made from ultra-thin, super-soft, flexible, odourless and taste free silicone.

Supplied with a hygienic and convenient storage case that can be taken anywhere with ease.

Lansinph Nipple Shields

Lansinoh Nipple Shield Product Features

Product Features
  1. Protective case to carry with you
  2. Ultra-soft silicone for natural feel
  3. BPA and BPS free


Lansinoh Contact Nipple Shields are effective tools to help you to continue breastfeeding through short term latch-on issues until they can be resolved.

We recommend that all mothers consult with a healthcare professional or breastfeeding expert before and during the use of a nipple shield. Nipple shields are designed to address short-term latch-on issues until the underlying issue can be resolved.

Nipple shields can help with the below issues;

  • Nursing a premature, small, or ill infant
  • Flat or inverted nipples
  • Tongue and/or lip tie
  • Overactive let-down