Ayurvedic Dragon's Blood Indian Incense Sticks

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Designed using the “Masala”* manufacturing technique, the sticks of this 100% natural Dragon's Blood incense are rolled by hand and are composed of pure and natural plant ingredients derived from Ayurvedic medicine.
Natural Dragon's Blood incense is not as dramatic as the name suggests!

The resin of this natural incense comes from the fruits of Palm trees growing in the regions of Tropical Asia.

The fruits of these trees are protected by scales, and contain a bright red resin.

The resin, coming out of these fruits, is therefore reminiscent of blood coming out of a scaly dragon...

 Case of 15 grams (±15 sticks) of natural Ayurvedic Dragon's Blood incense.

* The “Masala” technique consists of making an incense without charcoal, using a mixture of Ghee (Clarified butter), herbs, wood powder (Neem), vegetable resins, honey and natural essential oils.

Composition: Sandalwood, honey, pure and natural essential oils

Properties: Relaxing, Insomnia, Concentration, Meditation, Calming, Soothing, Relaxing, Protects from Negative Waves, Purifies the Atmosphere, Purifies the Body and the Spirit