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Health Aid Osteoflex Fizzy Efferv. Tabl 20

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What are Osteoflex Fizzy Effervescent Tablets?

Osteoflex Fizzy Effervescent Tablets provide nutritional support for healthy joints and cartilage.  A unique combination of high grade Glucosamine and Chondroitin Sulphate with added Vitamin C, and Manganese to help maintain supple, flexible joints, strong cartilage and a healthy skeleton. Suitable for men and women of all ages.

Who are Osteoflex Fizzy Effervescent Tablets for?

Osteoflex Fizzy Effervescent Tablets may be of benefit to;

  • Elderly people who need to nourish their joints and rebuild cartilage to ensure flexibility

  • People who experience pain, stiffness or swelling in their joints (especially in their knees)

  • People who experience back and neck pain

  • Athletes who need to provide extra support to their joints to avoid injuries