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Hair-vit by HealthAid

Our hair can be an important indicator of our overall health. If we are having any health problems or suffering from any nutritional deficiencies, our hair may stop growing or show damage or become brittle and our skin can turn dull and dry. Thinning hair has been associated with many factors from poor diet, medical conditions, medication -including oral contraceptives, steroids- and physiologic or extreme emotional stress, hormonal influences to abnormal menstrual cycles. In fact, when our hair becomes dull, brittle, thinning, broken and starts falling off, Vitamin deficiencies could be one of the first causes to consider.

High-quality Vitamin formulations are ideal to supplement the diet (not replace). If you suspect your hair loss is due to nutritional deficiencies, hormones imbalances or stress depleting essential nutrients in your body, HealthAid Hair-vit capsules is an ideal supplement, formulated to provide vital nutrients that are required for strong, healthy-looking hair.