Zendium Sensitive, Toothpaste, 75ml

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  • Zendium toothpaste is inspired by the way the mouth naturally protects itself and contains natural antibacterial enzymes and proteins, such as lactoferrin, to strengthen the mouth's natural defences.
  • Formulated for people with tooth sensitivity, contains potassium nitrate, an ingredient for sensitive teeth.
  • Mild taste, foams gently without use of harsh chemicals**** making it suitable for people with the most sensitive mouths. Does not alter your sense of taste after brushing.
  • SLS free, Triclosan free, Gluten free and suitable for vegetarians.
  • Zendium has a prebiotic benefit, it is clinically proven to boost good bacteria* that protect the mouth naturally and reduce bad bacteria responsible for dental problems, working like a prebiotic.
  • Zendium is the No.1 Recommended Brand by Dentists in Denmark. (Ipsos, Dec. 2020). Zendium toothpastes also comes without a carton box to reduce waste. Its tubes are made of > 60 Percent plant based plastic